E-mail coaching

Every client will have one-on-one consultations on how to file complaints, and getting access to medical records.  This is your life saving tactic.

I will be able to help you stay focused and find direction.  It is without a doubt a needed mechanism that can help to expose the real long-term threats to quality healthcare in Texas and in this nation; the frequency of medical mistakes, and the lack of practitioner oversight and discipline.  Let me help you protect your rights.


  • Easier for some people to express their thoughts in writing
  • Can e-mail any time of the day at a time that is convenient for your schedule
  • Sometimes its easier to be honest in writing than conversation
  • Takes less time
  • One-on-one consultation
  • Can chat in my private chat room

I will give you an action plan to do Monday through Friday and/or we can have a weekly chat in my chat room.  If you find that you need to talk personally with me, phone coaching is available in 15 or 30 minute sessions each week for the same price.


Silver Plan-$80 month-four (4) sessions

Bronze Plan-$160 month-eight (8) sessions

Gold Plan-$240 month-12 (12) sessions

You are the Master of the Plan.

Sign up and I will send you your welcome packet to get started.

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