Texas Medical Task Force proposes to partnership with other agencies to develop the following goals and objectives for a proposed TEXAS STATE MEDICAL LIABILITY REFORM AND PATIENT SAFETY MODEL.  This is a comprehensive medical liability reform that will develop the culture of patient safety.

  • Create case management programs that will provide-problem-solving strategies that would alleviate medical injuries or deaths
  • Provide one-on-one consultations on how to file complaints, and getting access to medical records
  • Build coalitions to shape and influence legislative policies
  • Organize internal and external reporting programs to facilitate proactive initiatives to decrease medical malpractice claims/reviews of incidents and “close calls”
  • Identify significant long-term accountability systems for doctors who are identified as violators of standards of care
  • Facilitate a community of learning for prevention instead of “surface covering”
  • Create an in-house disciplinary program
  • Create a Judge-Directed Negotiation Program
  • Create a Disclosure and Early Settlement Program
  • Mandatory Training component of the three C’s, Care, Concern and Compassion

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