Need a Speaker

Interesting topics on a variety of issues that would be informative and sure to provide real value to its audiences.


  • addressing medical and professional ethics
  • the importance of the Hippocratic Oath
  • using professional judgment
  • help to change laws that are contrary to patients’ interest or to professional ethics


  • effective communication among patients, medical personnel, medical practitioners and leadership
  • defining what is not effective communication

Culture, Leadership, Trustee

  • addressing high-impact culture of healthcare
  • laws and rules of healthcare
  • importance of following and adhering to rules and regulations as it pertains to patient safety
  • how to become an effective leader


  • what are the penalties for non-disclosure
  • addresses how to disclose adverse events in difficult situations
  • the importance of disclosure

Partnerships Who Care Initiatives

  • training module three C’s, Care, Concern, Compassion
  • support and improve healthcare through education, advocacy, investigations and response

Patient and Family Involvement

  • how to create multidisciplinary committees that consist of a parent advisory group member
  • offer insights and solutions to engage the patient, family and healthcare team in a positive manner

Quality and Patient Safety

  • create case management programs that will provide problem-solving strategies that would alleviate medical injuries or deaths
  • address internal and external reporting programs to facilitate proactive initiatives to decrease medical malpractice claims/reviews of incidents and “close calls”
  • identifying long-term accountability systems for medical practitioners who are identified as violating standards of care

Pat and Push Initiative

  • Created to help find solutions for medical practitioners who have issues that may place them in danger of not providing high quality standards of care. This is a buddy program that will partner medical practitioners with effective leaders in the medical field that can monitor behaviors.


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